Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Class Added

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Lonny Jarrett is coming to Victoria, Canada, September 22, 2012

Description of the course;

Part I - Understanding the Deeper Nature of Acupuncture Points: Theory and Practice
Acupuncture points have multiple functions depending on the context of their use. In this class I will examine various types of points including source, lou, xi-cleft, horary, reunion, window, and spirit points. Major consideration will be given to the use of the five element points on each channel and their significance as the foundation for perhaps the first rigorously holistic medicine. After consideration of individual point categories we will focus on combining points and constructing elegant treatments that address complex patterns of disharmony.

Part II - Treating Blocks with Acupuncture and Herbs
Having discussed individual points we will focus on treatment protocols for clearing "blocks" during both initial, and ongoing, treatment. These blocks are important to resolve early in treatment both for the sake of "clearing" the therapeutic field and because progress in treatment may be inhibited if they are not addressed. These are incredibly effective treatments and patients often show terrific improvement as a result.

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