Monday, May 9, 2011

Please join us for upcoming courses with Lonny Jarrett

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Summer 2012:

June 2 &3

Two Year Clinical Integration Course

2012 & 2013

Chinese Medicine can be practiced in such a way as to balance the impact of the great challenges we face today and create an integral understanding and treatment of human health.  In this two day course we will explore the most significant imbalances of our time and how Chinese Medicine can, when practiced in the largest possible developmental context, alleviate suffering and reconnect the individual to their original nature.  Constitutional diagnosis will be examined as an organizing framework that yields deep insights into each patient's treatment and healing.

In the ancient text of the Shen Nong Ben Cao, China's oldest herbal text, it is stated:

  • The highest level physician helps the patient fulfill their destiny.
  • The mid-level physician treats constitution and helps the patient nourish their original nature.
  • The lowest level physician treats symptoms only.

For Ann Arbor, Michigan:

TITLE:Chinese Medicine in the 21'st century: Integral and Evolutionary Perspectives on the Five-element tradition.

  • Enlarge the perspective of the practice of Chinese medicine as a Science of Integrity.
  • Instruct in the art of Constitutional Diagnosis and its role in Chinese Medicine.
  • Give the evolutionary perspectives on medical diagnosis and treatment including Holistic and Integral Medicine
  • Reveal and explain the Inner Functions of the acupuncture points.
  • Offer practical exercises in constitutional diagnosis, using Five Element principles as well as other Chinese medical approaches. 

Two Year Clinical Integration Course

Description:  What is the largest possible context for the practice of Chinese medicine in the 21st century?  How will Chinese medicine help humanity to face the challenges that confront us today? The focus of this course will be to provide  practitioners with a firm grounding in the principles of five-element constitutional diagnosis as they are integrated with a pre-TCM tradition of eight-principle pulse diagnosis. The class will consist of 12 weekends over a two year period beginning in the Fall of the year 2011. Clinical experience will be emphasized with roughly half the weekends spent assessing patients. Each member of the class will have the opportunity to spend time in my clinical practice as well. The substance of the class will include and transcend the content of my two books, Nourishing Destiny, and The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine.

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