I just finished my first year of Lonny Jarrett's two year Clinical Integration Course. I have been a practicing MD for 28 years and a OM practitioner for 15 years. This past year of studying with Lonny has done more to enhance me as a person and my abilities as a medical practitioner than any other course I have taken during my entire career. Lonny synthesizes his vast experience and presents a truly astonishing amount of material on the much deeper transformative powers of OM. It has changed the way I look at myself as a person and how I approach every aspect of my daily life. The results I have already seen in my practice can only be described as amazing. I would without reservation recommend this course to practitioners at every level of expertise-Robert J Stine MD, Dipl. OM.

Lonny Jarrett's class changed the way I practice medicine. The class was so inspirational and life-changing that I took it twice. Lonny brings a depth to the medicine no matter what style of acupuncture we use (I practice French Energetics), and I am forever grateful to him. His teachings opened my heart and my mind. We travelled from Georgia and even though it is not close, the class was worth every effort we made. There is ongoing cultivation of depth and care through conversations on Lonny's website, I highly recommend his two year course.- Anna Kelly, MD, Lic. Ac. Board AAMA

I am in Massachusetts and have just came from the clinical integration class with Lonny Jarrett. People have asked why I travel all the way from Colorado for a dozen weekends over two years to study with a Jewish guy in rural New England.

I have been studying and practicing Chinese medicine for almost twenty years. I was first exposed to acupuncture when I was learning martial arts and a senior student of Tung Kai Ying was an acupuncturist who helped me out when I was injured. It seemed to me like magic at the time, a miracle that pain could disappear from the insertion of needles and some earthy smelling Chinese liniment.

For many years, I pursued that magic and promise of Chinese Medicine, studying in Asia, studying at Taoist Monasteries, seeking out masters of the medicine and honing my skills over tens of thousands of patients.

The interesting part of it is after so many years of practice, I realized that the gap of what I was missing from the medicine more and more. In the past couple of years, when my clinic moved into the same building as The Integral Center, my view of human development became more complex and nuanced. I really wanted to embrace the medicine I practiced in way that embraced human development and did more that just treat pain and other health problems. That saw the actual problems in health as vital evolutionary indicators of where a person could engage their further development.

When I read Lonny's book Nourishing Destiny, I realized that folks were engaged in that conversation and it so happened to be in a small community in Western Massachusetts.

These last two years, I am proud to have engaged with devoted students of Chinese Medicine in asking the deeper questions about what it means to practice and to be challenged in a way by Lonny's teaching to embrace Chinese medicine in the deepest of ways. Lonny asks for a devotion to the medicine in a way that I have always sought and is incredibly generous in his willingness to answer the most difficult questions.

If you have been impacted by my practice and are studying Chinese medicine, I can not recommend his Clinical Integration class with enough praise to do it justice. Lonny transcended the magic I was seeking in the medicine and included it with a greater path of seeing the medicine as one of the most powerful tools of assisting in human development. -Marco Lam, Southwest Acupuncture College, Graduate

If you have any spark or desire to take this class, find a way to make it happen. The time and money I've spent have been repaid a hundred times over in my confidence and cultivation as a practitioner and in my connection to a deep source of inspiration for practicing this medicine. Every weekend has been a transformational learning experience. Studying with Lonny has been the best decision I've made since deciding to go to acupuncture school! When I signed up, I had just moved to a new city and was seeing very few patients a week. But I made the leap, and I have no doubt it's been a big part of why I now have a thriving practice as I'm approaching our last weekend. - Deb Hardin, TAI, Graduate

If you are considering taking this class, do it now. I hesitated for several years, worried about the expense, the commute, and the time away from home and family, and my only regret after this first year is that I didn’t take it sooner. Lonny is one of the most committed and generous teachers I have ever encountered. He says that if you take one step toward him he will take 100 toward you, and he demonstrates this again and again in his teaching. I have been completely humbled both by the profound depth of Lonny’s grasp of Chinese medicine, and by his absolute commitment to moving the medicine, himself, his students, his patients, and anyone else who will listen forward. If you engage, you will be transformed.- Lillie Stewart-TAI, Graduate

This class radically changed every aspect of my personal and professional life in a profoundly positive way. Looking back to the person and practitioner I was prior to studying with Lonny Jarrett, I do not even recognize that person. As another "two-timer" I credit the four years of mentorship with Lonny for my successes including a thriving, full-time acupuncture practice, as a respected leader in the AOM policy field, and in all my personal rolls and relationships. Through this teaching, I have truly embodied what it is like to live a life that is congruent with the rectified manifestation of Shen, and I am honored to be able to share this with my patients, family, friends, and colleagues in all aspects of my life. - Tracey Soltesz, President Maryland Acupuncture Society

I started Lonny Jarrett's two-year Clinical Integration class while I was finishing my degree in Chinese Medicine. I truly do not know what I would have done as a brand new practitioner without the context, meaning, and depth provided by Lonny's class. I believe studying with Lonny has put me years ahead of where I would otherwise be as a practitioner and as a person. I'm currently taking the class for the third time, and continue to be blown away by how much there is to learn, and the degree to which Lonny gives of himself to ensure that we all learn as much as we possibly can.- Kathryn Nemirovsky, New York College of Health Professions, graduate

Lonny's Clinical Integration courses are life changing. Being in his class expanded my heart and mind to CM and positively impacted the way I practice. Lonny brings dialogue that will put you on the edge of your seat. He is caring and engaging. You will want to be better in every way. I took his class twice and planned on being there a third time but couldn't make it due to family demands. I drove from Maryland, sometimes accompanied by fellow practitioners. The trip was exciting and full of anticipation for what else we were going to explore over the weekend and what pearls to bring back home to the treatment room and our patients. I am grateful for studying with Lonny and all the fantastic practitioners I met through his classes and expansiveness that came with it and continues to unfold. Much love and gratitude. - Rabab Al-Amin, TAI, Graduate

I did not know what to expect when I chose to take Lonny on as my teacher 5 years ago. And to this day he still surprises me. His continued commitment to teach from a core that remains steadfast in his integrity and willingness to evolve, pushes us as students. I have been forced to look at not just the content of the courses but at the deeper meaning of what it means to lead a profound life and thus become a more integrated practitioner. Of all the courses that I have taken, this one has been the most challenging and yet the most rewarding.- Anne Biris, Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, Graduate

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