Clinical Integration 2019: East!

Class Size limited to 26 Participants.  (This class is Filled, email to get on waiting list. Next East Coast class is 2021)

Dear Friends,

     I have been teaching this course for over 20 years. Students have traveled from all over the world to engage in a life changing study that for students has laid a foundation for a lifetime of clinical depth and has revitalized the heart of Clinical Practice for experienced practitioners

  Traditionally, students have flown in for 12, two day weekends over two years. To reduce travel expenses, this new course is designed as 8 three day weekends over 2 years.

     The class will focus significantly on Five-element constitutional diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient management with an extensive clinical component. I will also focus on teaching pulse diagnosis based on a highly nuanced pre-TCM physiology as gleaned from my studies with Leon Hammer, my 37 years of pulse study, and three + decades of full time clinical practice. 

     The course will be structured with assigned readings from my texts, articles, and other sources. There will be conference calls in between semesters for students to ask both academic and clinical questions. 

     The final year of the course will be clinical in nature giving students the opportunity to bring in their own patients for consult in front of the class. I will conduct full intakes including pulse, tongue, and eye diagnosis presenting a thorough synthesis in terms of Five-element and Eight-principle pattern diagnosis. My analysis will address life style counseling, nutrition, exercise, herbs and acupuncture including short, medium, and longterm treatment planning.

This course is suitable for students, and both new and experienced practitioners of East Asian Medicine. Those from diverse backgrounds with an interest in East Asian Medicine will also benefit.

I couldn't be more excited about this course and I very much look forward to engaging with you!

Warmly, Lonny S. Jarrett

Registration Information

       The class will meet in Stockbridge, on 8 three day weekends (Fri-Sun) beginning in the Fall of 2019. Class meets from 9am-5pm with one hour for lunch. There are several payment options for registrants listed below. The course will be submitted to the California Board of Acupuncture and the NCCAOM for 21 Category I PDAs/weekend.  

CA Provider Number: 774

Category I Points

Cost: $3750

1) Pay in Full for Discount: a) Pay a deposit of $500 by 3.1.19 with the balance of $2850 for the full course by 4.1.19 and receive a $400 discount. Total cost= $3350

2) Pay First Year in Advance: a) Pay a deposit of $500 by 3.1.19 and the balance of $1375 by 4/1/19. b) Second year tuition ($1875) due 3/1/20 Total Cost= $3750

3) We can make individual payment plans for those who prefer to pay over time. Your $500 deposit signifies your understanding that you are reserving a seat in a limited enrollment class and that you are committed to fulfilling the terms of full payment, regardless of how your life circumstances might change or number of classes attended. 

Pay upfront by 4/1/19 for $400 savings: $3350

Pay Year by Year for a total cost of $3750
Personal Payment Plans by special arrangement.

Space limited to 26 Participants.

Payment Method:

We prefer payment by check. Paypal and credit cards will be charged 3% to cover costs.

(1) Paypal to

(2) For payment by Credit Card, or to discuss the course, please call 413 298 4221.

Checks to:

Lonny Jarrett
PO 1093
Stockbridge, MA 01262

Please include all relevant contact information. When your payment is received, you will receive orientation material. 

Refund Policy and Payment Agreements

Please note: Receipt of your deposit indicates that you have read, understood, and consented to the following:

(1) Your deposit of $500 is non-refundable

(2) There are no refunds after 6/1/19 unless your space in the class can be filled.

(3) Students choosing to pay over time acknowledge that they understand that they have reserved a space in a limited enrollment class and that after 6/1/19 they are responsible for paying the full tuition regardless of how their life circumstances may change or the number of classes attended. There is a $100 up charge for paying over time.

(4) Shenming Seminars reserves the right to deny attendance to any applicant for whatever reasons we deem necessary without explanation.

Clinical Integration 2019
Location: Stockbridge, Massachusetts

8 three day weekends, Fri, Sat, Sun, over two years.

Class Dates: Clinical Integration

Year One     2019-2020                       Year Two         2020-2021

Weekend #1        9/13, 14, 15                         Weekend #5        9/18, 19, 20
Weekend #2        11/8, 9, 10                           Weekend #6        11/6, 7, 8
Weekend #3         3/13, 14 ,15                        Weekend #7        3/5, 6, 7
Weekend #4         5/8, 9 , 10                           Weekend #8         5/7, 8, 9


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