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Courses with Lonny Jarrett

       "May I be the Doctor and the Medicine"

       Shenming Seminars is the place to access the teaching schedule for Lonny S. Jarrett, internationally recognized practitioner, author, and scholar of Chinese medicine.

Upcoming courses are listed in links on the right side of this page.

Lonny's current offerings are classes on Five-Element Constitutional Diagnosis, Pulse Diagnosis, Acupuncture Point Function, and Treating Trauma/Shock with Chinese Medicine.

Of note is Lonny's Two Year Clinical Integration Course. Ongoing for twenty years, this course offers an integral perspective on 5E diagnosis, Pulse Diagnosis, Physiology, all in the context of a depth view of Chinese Medicine as a cultivational science of integrity and development. The entire second year of the course is clinical in nature as Lonny diagnoses patients in front of the class with detailed analysis and treatment planning.

       These courses will form a perfect foundation for a lifetime of depth in clinical practice and remind the seasoned practitioner why they fell in love with the medicine in the first place. . . . . 

                       2016 Chinese Medicine Retreat with Heiner Freuhauf

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's a Great Time to be Learning and Growing!

It's hard to believe that the past academic year is over and fall is already upon us.  If you missed us last year, there is still time to join us in what is already shaping up to be a fantastic year.  Please check the listing on the side of the page for upcoming classes.

Here are some photos from this past year....

Lonny, Rabab Al-Amin, Isabelle Guillou
Berlin, June 2013

Lonny and John Kokko
CI Class 2013

CI Class 2011
Last Dinner, May 2013

Montreal September 2013

If you have any questions, you may contact any of the people that are listed on each of the individual events.  If you have more general questions, you can contact Lonny at:

Phone: 413-298-4221

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Classes

Come join us for classes this spring. 

Please note the details for contacts for registration.  Each class has separate instructions. For further information please click on the links in the upper right corner of the page.

Toronto, Canada, March 30, 2013

Deepening Perspective on Pulse Diagnosis

With Lonny Jarrett 
Dates; 3/30 & 3/31 2013
Location:  Six Degrees Community Acupuncture
Contact: Renee Pilgrim
Mail:  358 Dupont St., Toronto, ON, CA,
           M5R 1V9
           Erin Aquin: 
Phone:  416 919 3769

Laural, Maryland, April 27, 2013

Reinventing the Wheel: A Top Down Perspective on the Five Elements

With Lonny Jarrett 
Dates: 4/27 & 4/28, 2013
Location: Tai Sophia Institute
Contact: Patricia DeLorenzo, MS
              Director of Continuing Education and Alumni Affairs
Adress: 7750 Montpelier Road
              Laurel, Maryland  20723
Phone: 410-888-9048 ext. 6642

San Francisco, California, May 18, 2013

Deepening Perspective on Pulse Diagnosis

With Lonny Jarrett
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm  (1-hour lunch)
Location: Acupuncture & Integrative 
               Medicine College, Berkeley                    
               2550 Shattuck Ave. 
               Berkeley, CA 94704                
Contact: John Kokko 
Phone: 510-387-8678
When:  Saturday, May 18  & Sunday, May 19

Berlin, Germany, June 14, 2013

Getting the Point: Functions, Patterns and Spirits

With Lonny S. Jarrett, 
Dates: June 14 to 16, 2012
Where: Berlin, Germany
Contact: ARCHE MEDICA Berlin
Phone: (030) 851 68 38 

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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Here is a full schedule of the upcoming classes:

Please note the details for contacts for registration.  Each class has separate instructions. For further information please click on the links in the right corner of the page.

Victoria, Canada

September 22-23, 2012
Getting the Point: Functions, Patterns and Spirits
Taught by Lonny Jarrett

To register, please phone toll-free 1-866-890-6082 or 
email the Registrar at

Building Bridges Conference

October 18-21, 2012
A Top Down View of  the Five Elements
Taught by Lonny Jarrett

Click here for more information:

Elizabeth Rochat

November 16-18, 2012
Two Dynamic Classes with Elisabeth Rochat:
An Examination of the Feminine in the Dao De Jing
Essential Aspects of Woman's Pathology

Contact Lonny Jarrett:
413 298 4221

Toronto, Canada

March 30-31, 2013
Deepening Perspective on Pulse Diagnosis
Taught by Lonny Jarrett

Organizers: Renee Pilgrim and Erin Aquin

Laurel, Maryland

April 27-28, 2013
Reinventing the Wheel
Taught by Lonny Jarrett

Register at Traditional Acupuncture Institute
Phone - 410-888-9048  Ext: 6642

San Francisco, CA

May 18-19, 2013 
Pulse Diagnosis with Lonny Jarrett
Location: Berkely, California

Organizer: John Koko

Montreal, Canada

September 21-22, 2013 
Understanding Constitutional Diagnosis: 
Integral and Evolutionary Perspectives 
Taught by Lonny Jarrett

Contact Lonny Jarrett:
413 298 4221

Clinical Integration 2013

Two Year Clinical Integration Class, taught by Lonny Jarrett

Year One         2013-2014                       Year Two            2014-2015
Weekend #1    9/14 & 9/15/13                 Weekend #7        9/6 & 9/7/14
Weekend #2    10/12 & 10/13/13             Weekend #8       10/4 & 10/5/14
Weekend #3    11/9 & 11/10/13               Weekend #9       11/1 & 11/2/14
Weekend #4    3/8 & 3/9/14                     Weekend #10      3/7 & 3/8/15
Weekend #5    4/12  & 4/13/14                Weekend #11      4/4 & 4/5/15
Weekend #6    5/10 & 5/11/14                 Weekend #12      5/2 & 5/3/15 

Contact Lonny Jarrett:
413 298 4221

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Class Added

For more information please click on the tab at the top.

Lonny Jarrett is coming to Victoria, Canada, September 22, 2012

Description of the course;

Part I - Understanding the Deeper Nature of Acupuncture Points: Theory and Practice
Acupuncture points have multiple functions depending on the context of their use. In this class I will examine various types of points including source, lou, xi-cleft, horary, reunion, window, and spirit points. Major consideration will be given to the use of the five element points on each channel and their significance as the foundation for perhaps the first rigorously holistic medicine. After consideration of individual point categories we will focus on combining points and constructing elegant treatments that address complex patterns of disharmony.

Part II - Treating Blocks with Acupuncture and Herbs
Having discussed individual points we will focus on treatment protocols for clearing "blocks" during both initial, and ongoing, treatment. These blocks are important to resolve early in treatment both for the sake of "clearing" the therapeutic field and because progress in treatment may be inhibited if they are not addressed. These are incredibly effective treatments and patients often show terrific improvement as a result.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Registration is now available for the Ann Arbor Class in June 2&3 of 2012. 

Please email us at for registration forms. 

We hope to see you all there!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Please join us for upcoming courses with Lonny Jarrett

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Summer 2012:

June 2 &3

Two Year Clinical Integration Course

2012 & 2013

Chinese Medicine can be practiced in such a way as to balance the impact of the great challenges we face today and create an integral understanding and treatment of human health.  In this two day course we will explore the most significant imbalances of our time and how Chinese Medicine can, when practiced in the largest possible developmental context, alleviate suffering and reconnect the individual to their original nature.  Constitutional diagnosis will be examined as an organizing framework that yields deep insights into each patient's treatment and healing.

In the ancient text of the Shen Nong Ben Cao, China's oldest herbal text, it is stated:

  • The highest level physician helps the patient fulfill their destiny.
  • The mid-level physician treats constitution and helps the patient nourish their original nature.
  • The lowest level physician treats symptoms only.

For Ann Arbor, Michigan:

TITLE:Chinese Medicine in the 21'st century: Integral and Evolutionary Perspectives on the Five-element tradition.

  • Enlarge the perspective of the practice of Chinese medicine as a Science of Integrity.
  • Instruct in the art of Constitutional Diagnosis and its role in Chinese Medicine.
  • Give the evolutionary perspectives on medical diagnosis and treatment including Holistic and Integral Medicine
  • Reveal and explain the Inner Functions of the acupuncture points.
  • Offer practical exercises in constitutional diagnosis, using Five Element principles as well as other Chinese medical approaches. 

Two Year Clinical Integration Course

Description:  What is the largest possible context for the practice of Chinese medicine in the 21st century?  How will Chinese medicine help humanity to face the challenges that confront us today? The focus of this course will be to provide  practitioners with a firm grounding in the principles of five-element constitutional diagnosis as they are integrated with a pre-TCM tradition of eight-principle pulse diagnosis. The class will consist of 12 weekends over a two year period beginning in the Fall of the year 2011. Clinical experience will be emphasized with roughly half the weekends spent assessing patients. Each member of the class will have the opportunity to spend time in my clinical practice as well. The substance of the class will include and transcend the content of my two books, Nourishing Destiny, and The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine.

For more details, click on the page tabs above.