Maryland 10/2020

The Face
Chinese Medicine

Sunday, April 19, 8 AM – 11 AM in Fulton, MD

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     I'm happy to have been invited as a guest lecturer by Michelle Gellis to present this three hour class on understanding the significance of the face in Chinese medicine. I'll examine the deeper significance of "face," and the inner nature of acupuncture points on the face and head.


I. Having and Losing Face: Ego and the Frontal Self
II. The Face and Head from a Chinese Medicine Perspective 
III: Treatment

        a. Exit/Entry Points on the Head


        b. The Stomach Meridian:Inner and Outer aspects of Digestion
        c.  Windows of the Sky
        d.  Perspective: The GB channel: Eye Window, Rooted in Spirit, Wind Pond
        e.  Myth and Meaning in CM: GV-20
         f.  Yintang
        g.  Wind and Rumors: TH-17

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