Colorado: Spirit of the Points April 2019


                     Spirit of the Points

Dates: April 13-14th, 2019

Denver Marriott- Westminster
7000 Church Ranch Blvd
Westminster, CO 80021

Contact: (303) 572-8744


The Inner Functions of Acupuncture Points

     We will take a deep journey into the nature of acupuncture point function. The symbolism contained in the acupuncture point names will be discussed as it relates to the deeper functions of acupuncture points. The points will be discussed as portals and archetypes that embrace the full realm of human expression. I will present the meridians as maps of the body, soul, and spirit as they pertain to the integral functioning of the evolving human being. We will consider the diaphragm as the demarcation between consciousness and unconscious and the importance of opening it early in treatment in order to create a stable foundation for health. I will present the points and herbs that open the diaphragm.  Points on every channel will be considered as icons of Chinese philosophical, cosmological, and medical concepts. We will also discuss the function of several point categories including source, xi-cleft, luo, reunion, and window points. 

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